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Browse by Date

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Materials that use a full publication date (year/month/day) in their metadata may be browsed by date. These kinds of materials include newspapers, magazines, reports, etc.


To Browse by Date, you must first choose a collection you wish to browse and then click on the item in which you are interested.


Choosing a Collection or Collections to Browse


ProSeek lets you browse one collection, specific collections, or all collections that are available in the digital library.


To browse, you must first choose which collection or collections you want to browse. On the Browse Titles page,  you'll see a Collections field and a Browse button directly below the navigation tabs. Depending on how your ProSeek is set up, you'll either see the word "All" in the Collections field or the words "Please select."  If the word "All"  appears, then the default for browsing titles is all items in all collections. If the words "Please select" appear, then no collection or collections have been selected. In either case, you may still choose which collection(s) you want to browse.



browse collection choice


Click on the Collections field. A dropdown list will appear showing the default list.  

If "All" is the default, all the collections will have check marks in the box to the left of the name.  To de-select All collections, click anywhere in the All box in the dropdown menu.

If "Please select" is the default, no check boxes will appear as no collections have been chosen.  To choose All collections, click anywhere in the All box in the dropdown menu.

To choose a specific collection or several collections:

Click on the box to the left of the collection name in the dropdown list. A check mark will appear in the box. Continue to make your choices until all the collections you want to browse have been chosen. NOTE:  In some ProSeek applications, you will only be able to choose All collections or just one other collection, depending on how your ProSeek has been configured. When this occurs, no check box will appear before the collection names.


browse collection drop down marked


Click on the word "browse" in the bottom right corner of the dropdown list to finalize your choices and close the list.

Click on the Browse button to the right of the Collections field to finalize your Browse list.  The list of available titles based on your collection choices will now appear.


Selecting the Title You Want to Browse


1.Click on the title you want to browse from the list of available titles.  The folder icon will appear to open and a list of publication dates will open.  


browse by date title selection 1


2.Click on the year you would like to browse.  The folder will open and that year's calendar will appear. Dates for which there are materials will have a white background on the calendar.  

3.Click on the appropriate date to open your document to its first page in the Viewer.



browse by date title selection 2



If you want to view additional years after the calendar year you have opened, scroll to the end of the current calendar.  The remaining dates will appear after the calendar.  Click on the date you would like to view.  Any calendar year that you open will remain open until you click open a document.  Then, only the calendar year for that document will remain available if you return to the Browse by Date page from the Viewer.


browse by datetitle selection 3



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