Categories for Filtering Browsing

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Categories for Filtering Browsing

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Browse Categories

You'll find the Browse Categories section of the Browse Titles page on the far left of the page, under the Collections field.  In this section, you can filter your browse results list by using various categories.  These categories may vary, depending on the collection you are browsing.

Next to each category name, in parentheses, is a number.  This number indicates how many documents may be found in that category. For example, if you choose the category "Type of Resource", and the number 4 appears next to it, that means that there are 4 types of resources in the collection you are browsing and you can browse using one of those types of resources as your filter.


To choose a category for filtering your browse searching,

2.Move your cursor to the category you would like to use as a filter.

3.Click on that name. A box appears with the category types that you may use for filtering your browse search.

4.Click on the category type you want to use as your filter.  A check mark will appear in the box to the left of the name and the results of the filtering will appear automatically in the display area.

To de-select that category,

1.Click on the name of the category type.  This deselects that filter and you will now see the box with all the category types for that category.

You can sort the listing of available category types for each category by count (the number of titles using that category type) or alphabetically.

2.Click the downward arrow in the Filter Sort field located above the category listings.

3.Move your cursor to the type of sort you want.  The name will be highlighted in blue.

4.Click your mouse to choose that sort option.



category sort options1 category sort options2


Choosing Different Categories


If you want to filter with different categories, you can reset your choices by click on the Start Over button at the far right of the Collection Choices section.

collection start over


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