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Search Tips

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ProSeek searches documents for words or phrases by page. In general, the best search results are generated by entering a specific search term, but you can enter as many words as you like. When you enter more than one word, ProSeek searches for the words as a phrase, so that search results include instances in which all the words you entered appear together (in the order you entered them). Only pages that contain the search phrase will appear in the search results list.


When you want to search multiple search terms, not phrases, please use the Add Search Term function and choose whether you want to perform a Page Search or Document Search (see Search).


More information about search terms in ProSeek:


Searches are not case-sensitive. You can enter your search terms in all capital, mixed case, or all lower case letters.

Search terms must include a minimum of two characters.

Words that cannot be included in searches except as part of a phrase:





Characters that cannot be included in searches:

colon (:)

quotation marks (")


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