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Copying Text (Text Clipping) | Google Translate

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ProSeek lets you highlight and copy text to your clipboard for future use.


1.Click the Text Clipping icon TextClip from the Title Toolbar in the Viewer.  When you move your cursor away from the Text Clipping icon, you will see a cross hair cursor image20 rather than the normal hand cursor.  This indicates that the copy function is working.


copy text title toolbar


2.Move the cross-hair cursor to a corner of the text you wish to copy.

3.Click and drag the cross hair cursor to the end of the text you wish to copy. NOTE: This is the same procedure you would use to copy text in word processing and other programs. The text you select is highlighted in blue.


copy text 1


4.Release the cursor.  A pop-up screen will open with the text you selected highlighted.

5.Clicking the Copy to Clipboard button captures the highlighted text so it can be pasted as text into another document/email, etc.

6.Clicking the Google Translate button from the bottom of this window will transfer this text to the Google Translate website.

7.Click the Close button to return to the Viewer.





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