Image (Left Pane)

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Image (Left Pane)

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NOTE: This feature is not available for all ProSeek installations


The left pane of this window will display the image of the page you have selected for editing. All the current words captured for this page are highlighted in yellow. As your mouse scrolls over the various parts of the page, it will display boundaries that identify composed blocks, text blocks and text lines to give you a better feel of the text layout.



There are three navigation buttons available within the left pane that will allow you to Zoom in, Zoom out, and Fit Page. Scrolling the mouse wheel will also allow zooming in and out of that image.


OCR Edit Zoom Tool


Selecting a Word for Editing

Double-clicking on a word within the left pane will select that word for editing. The word selected for editing will also be highlighted within the right pane.


Image Panning

Holding a left mouse click on any portion of the image will allow one to pan the image in any direction.


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