Toolbar (Top Pane)

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Toolbar (Top Pane)

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NOTE: This feature is not available for all ProSeek installations


The Toolbar pane will consist of the page title and other basic tool functions, which include:


OCR Edit Top Tool bar



will save all editing changes


will close the OCR Edit window


will reveal all edits made to this page

Show Scoreboard

listing of top OCR editors to track your progress against other OCR editors


displays three different program options


OCR Edit Options Menu

Enable popup keyboard (CTRL+Alt+K)

This will allow users to enter special text characters that contain letter accents.


While in the right pane, select the location in the word that should contain the special character. With the popup keyword enabled, press CTRL+Alt+K to reveal the special character keyboard. Clicking on the appropriate character will insert the character into the word being edited. Clicking the Shift button will allow you to enter capital letters.


special character keyboard


NOTE: You may also use the appropriate ASCII character code to enter letters with accents. Example: ALT + 132 = ä

Show text block order

Enabling this function will reveal how the text will transition from text block to text block.

Show text line order

Enabling this function will reveal how the text will transition from text line to text line.


Provides additional online tool help

New Word Tool

This will allow users to add new text where none currently exists. new word tool2


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