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Navigation Tabs

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The Navigation Tabs are located on ProSeek's home page.  Clicking on these tabs will take you to the named section within ProSeek, whether it's to the Browse Titles page, the Browse by Date page, the Search page, Map Search, the About Collections page, or the Help section.




NOTE: some tabs may be hidden based on your ProSeek Configuration.


Click on the


Browse Titles tab when you want to browse the titles in the various collections available to you.


Browse By Date tab when the materials you want to browse use a full publication date (year/month/date) in their metadata. These kinds of materials include newspapers, magazines, reports, etc.


Search tab when you want to search one, several, or all the collections in your digital library.


Map Search tab when you wish to locate materials by using a plot on a map.


About Collections tab to read descriptions of and information about the collections available to you.


Help tab when you need help using ProSeek.



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