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Title Toolbar

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From the Title Toolbar, you'll be able to personalize the screen as well as search the document you're viewing.  You'll be able to turn thumbnails on and off, copy text to your clipboard and choose the color you prefer for highlighted text. Additionally, when you're searching, you'll be able to quickly move to the next document that contains your search term.


When you open the Viewer from either the Browse by Titles, Browse by Date or Search pages, you'll see the following toolbar:





returns you to the Browse Titles list


the number of hits your search has found in the current document


returns you to the Browse By Date area


click this icon to save the URL of the current page to your clipboard


returns you to the Search Titles area


adjust the brightness, contrast and bit-depth of the image


returns you to the Map Search area


reveals the previous title from your Search Results


returns you to the About Collections area


reveals the next title from your Search Results


opens ProSeek Help


change the color of the search term highlight


the title of the document you are viewing


place to enter a new search term for just that document


allows you to view the Object Metadata


performs search of term entered only within this document


NOTE: some icons may only appear when you open the viewer from the Search page.



Hide or Show Thumbnails


Thumbnail images of each page of the document you open appear by default along the left side of the Viewer. The thumbnail of the page you're viewing is outlined with a gray border. There is a hide/show thumbnail bar between the thumbnails and the page viewer. Clicking anywhere in this bar will hide or show thumbnails.



Saving the URL of the Page You're Viewing url


You can save the URL of any page you are viewing to your clipboard for future use. This URL can be used to

return you directly to the page currently displayed in the viewer.


1.Click on the URL link icon url on the Title Toolbar in the viewer. A pop-up screen will open with the unique URL
associated with this page.

2.Clicking the Copy to Clipboard button captures the URL text so it can be pasted as text into another document/email, etc.

3.Click the Close button to return to the Viewer.


saving URL window


Adjusting Image Brightness/Contrast/Grayscale lightbulbbrightness_contrast


When selecting the sun lightbulb icon, a pop-up window will appear allowing you to adjust the images brightness and contrast levels so it may be easier to view/read. It also allows you to convert a color image into grayscale. These adjustments does not modify

the original image.  



Changing the Highlighting Color


When you want to change the color that ProSeek uses to highlight search term hits:


change highlighting

1.Click on the Paint Board Icon on the Title Toolbar in the Viewer. A range of colors from which you can choose will appear.

2.Click on the color you want. The page you are viewing will automatically update to that color.






Searching within the Document Being Viewed


Whether you've opened a document via Browse By Titles, Browse By Date, or by a Search, you can always search just within that document while you are viewing it.  


1.Type your search term in the search box located in the upper right corner of the Title Toolbar.

2.Hit enter or click the search icon search icon, located to the right of the search box.


search within document


NOTE: When you search within the document you are viewing,  the hit number and total number of hits displayed refer to the hits found in the current search, even if you originally opened the document via a search using other search terms. To return to your most recent collection search results, click search, Return to current search list, on the Viewer Toolbar on the Viewer page.



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